Your Wedding Planning Checklist Part 4: 2-4 months out

Wedded Bliss at Alowyn Gardens, Michael Briggs Wedding Photographer

We’re getting so close to the big day!

It’s the final countdown, and these last few months are about finalising and confirming details. All of your hard work is about to pay off!

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Wedding Planning Checklist: 2-4 months out

Organise Readings

You’ve probably heard the ubiquitous ‘love is patient, love is kind…’ wedding reading recited countless times throughout a ceremony. If you find yourself nodding off to sleep during stock-standard wedding readings like that one, you’ll want to spruce things up a bit with your own certain flair.

The right wedding reading can add a certain emotional weight or sense of humour to your nuptials. They can be beautiful, they can be profoundly wise, and they can be funny. The idea is to find a poem, lyric or story that captures your relationship accurately, all while entertaining guests and keeping them engaged.
Typically, most ceremonies will have two-three wedding readings, recited by those close to you.

Consider how long you’d like each reading to be, look for a variety of sources, and leave your personal jokes to the reception when everyone’s had enough champagne to pretend they get it ;)

Buy your wedding lingerie

Lingerie addiction is a serious affliction, and one which you might never recover from once you step into a lacy number. But look, it’s your wedding, and you deserve to feel special on your big day, so I recommend splurging. You might think it’s wise to find cheaper lingerie (after all, not many will see it!), but cheaper lingerie is generally itchy on sensitive skin and doesn’t fit well. My advice? Look for premium brands and go in to their boutiques for a proper fitting. Honey Birdette is an Australian brand and has stores throughout Melbourne. Agent Provocateur also has amazing collections. Be sure to buy the whole set – bra, underwear, and suspenders – to complete the look.

Finalise ceremony proceedings

Now that you’ve finalised the music playlist, the wedding party, the toast list, the entertainment, and your wedding event manager to handle the proceedings, it’s time to commit to a schedule of events. Ensure your event manager and all of your vendors have a copy of proceedings well before the day.

Order menu cards

People will be hungry come dinner time and will be dying to know what is being served, so don’t overlook menu cards. Ensure you have separate menu cards for those with dietary requirements and children.

Meet with your photographer and/or videographer

Now that you’ve decided on your photographer or videographer and happily completed a pre-wedding shoot, it’s time to circle back to them with a few examples of what you like (poses, shots, etc). Keep in mind that some photographers and videographers prefer to work off their own bat, but if you have a few key shots in mind, be sure to communicate this.

You don’t want to regret missing the perfect photo on the day.

Mail invites out/set up an online RSVP system

A wedding invitation is serious business. Mail these out 6-8 weeks before the day, and cut the RSVP off at 3 weeks before the ceremony.
I know what you’re thinking: it’s going to be harder than completing Tough Mudder to get people to mail back an RSVP. What some couples like to do to make it easier is this: send a hard copy invite, and feature a link within the invite to RSVP online. That way, guests have the pretty invitation on their fridge so they don’t forget, and you’ve just made it easier for them to RSVP on their phone or desktop.

You can perform an easy Google search and find websites that will help you set up an online RSVP platform.

Demand fun, because it’s your bachelorette party

You’re a 21st Century bride, so let’s not suggest this is your final hurrah as a “free woman”. But you’re getting married for goodness sakes, so why not indulge in some tradition and have the best night ever with your closest friends? It’s not your last night out on the town, but your bachelorette party is one of the few times you’ll be able to insist your loved ones have fun in your name. From life drawing classes, to yoga, to glamping, paintball and scavenger hunts, the night is yours to enjoy to the fullest.

Whew! We’re almost there.

Stay turned for our next post on planning your wedding one month before the big date.


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