Your Wedding Planning Checklist

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16-9 months out

Let me be frank – no wedding is picture Pinterest perfect.

As someone’s who’s planned their own special day with a dreamy vision board in mind, I can personally confirm that constantly striving for perfection will end in tears.

Take my kind-hearted advice, from one bride to another: aim for excellence and not perfection!

And as a self-professed organisational queen, I can assuredly tell you that the key to an amazing celebration is a solid plan that you can track. When I was planning my wedding, it was a task of putting pen to paper. But now with all these amazing apps at our fingertips, I highly encourage you to manage your wedding planning checklist with the very best technology only a click away.

How to use this checklist

We were originally going to publish the whole checklist in one post, but we’d hate to be responsible for any panic attacks induced. As you know there are many, many thing to consider when planning your wedding. But it can be made EASIER – you just have to break up the planning into manageable chunks.

So for the sake of not overwhelming you, this blog post series has been broken up into 5 parts, beginning with 16-9 months before.

Wedding Planning Checklist: 16 – 9 months before the big day

Create multiple Pinterest boards

My favourite way to collate inspiration for a wedding is to keep it all virtual, so that I can easily refer to it when I’m out and about. It’s also easy to share with friends, family and those in the wedding party.
Create separate boards for your dream dress, makeup, hair, shoes, flowers, food, wedding design, invitations, and whatever else will make for an Instagram-worthy day.
Pssst: If I were you, I would set yourself a timer. It’s too easy to get lost on Pinterest! Don’t take this as a full invitation to spend hours on your computer. You are on a mission, so stay focused!

Start the guest list

Planning your guest list is an activity that’s best started before your begin your budget planning. More guests will cost you more, as invitations, food, wine, seating placements and cake will all have to be organised according to head count. And although you’ll want everyone to come watch your big day (and bring you presents), at some point you’ll have to decide whether your barista really is worth the extra cost. Sorry Sam!
Use an Excel Spreadsheet for this one, as you’ll need a column for their name, plus 1s, contact info and RSVPs.

Budget planning

A lot of couples put off budget planning, but it’s a core part of your wedding planning checklist! It’s easy for couples to argue over the cost of a wedding. But when you create a budget and allocate vendors accordingly, you’ll be able to come to a mutual agreement on where and how to spend your wedding budget.

A great app for this is WeddingHappy, which is free , but an excel Spreadsheet works well too.

Develop some balls

When you’re planning your wedding, many vendors, friends and family members are going to try and talk you into doing things differently. Like using their makeup artist, buying expensive flowers you don’t like, or letting them invite their annoying cousin to the wedding. Remember that it’s ok to say no. It’s your wedding.
Which brings us to…

Be gracious

No one likes a power-drunk Bridezilla. Be firm, but be kind when saying no.

Pick your wedding party

As soon as you announce you’re engaged, best friends and family will start to wonder…who’s in the wedding party? Who’s going to be maid of honour? Who’s the best man? Now is the time to think about who you want by your side on your big day, and which groups of people will get along well.

Engagement party

An engagement party should ideally take place a few months after the engagement, and just before serious wedding planning begins. Now is the best time to celebrate, because you’ll be entering a super-sweet, exciting, just-engaged part of your life, and everyone will be feeling festive too! It’s generally best to plan these things 1-2months before actual party to give people enough time to RSVP, and also ensure that those who attend your party are actually invited to the wedding too.

Reserve date and venues

The best wedding venues book out months to a year in advance, so it’s best to start the search right away. Decide whether you want your venue and reception at the same location, and if not, the logistics involved getting between both places.
Our online directory makes searching for a venue easy! Use our filters to find your perfect wedding venue by style, function type, accessibility, dining options, pet friendliness, and loads more options. It really is a hassle-free way to save you time searching online.

Self-guided wedding venue tours

There’s a lot of unique and beautiful wedding venues to choose in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong ranges. That’s why coordinating a tour based upon your preferences is a brilliant idea for those short on time. If you’re having trouble deciding, we’re happy to hand pick a selection of venues for you that we know you’ll adore as much as we do.

It’s easy to receive your own Self-Guided Venue Tour itinerary.

1) Send us a love note using the form provided along with payment to secure your booking.
2) Pick a date (why not make a weekend out of it!) and pop it in your planner
3) Print your Self Guided Tour Itinerary along with our exclusive VIP vouchers for pit stops along the way!

Book your self-guided tour now

Book your marriage celebrant

Did you know that your marriage celebrant can add a world of personality, humour and passion to you wedding day? Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, but your guests want to be entertained too. Finding a marriage celebrant who can bring a great presence to your ceremony is key to keeping your guests engaged, at least until the champagne begins to flow!

Research photographers, bands, florists and caterers

If you’re planning your wedding yourself, using Instagram is the best place to begin researching wedding photographers. There are also loads of Facebook groups where local businesses promote their services, not to mention many bridal blogs who will provide you with a directory of wedding vendors.

Right, so that’s the first 16-9 months sorted.
Ready to tackle the next few months?

Your next 8-6 months wedding planning checklist is just a click away


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