Tiny Chapel On Wheels is ready to roll into your next event

How many people can be seated in the chapel?

The Chapel seats 8-10 guests and lots and lots outside!

Where can the Chapel be delivered to?

Anywhere throughout Victoria. Send us a love note today advising of your event date and location.

Unique Features of Tiny Chapel on Wheels?

Apart from the fact he is the only one in town, it will create a sense of magic in any venue. Wow your guests and then get ready to party! Yup, Tiny Chapel on Wheels becomes a servery bar! Awkward time between ceremony and reception, be gone! He's fully mobile and with no need for permits, he can roll up to literally any spot of your choosing!

What could you use the Chapel for?

Weddings, Proposals, Naming Days, Memorial Services, Photo Shoots...anything you darn well please!

Click here to send us a love note to discuss pricing, availability and location requirements.