REAL WEDDING: Teagan + Mel, Log Cabin Ranch

Teagan + Mel, Log Cabin Ranch, Glitz and Glamping

"We chose The Log Cabin Ranch we wanted a relaxed vibe and somewhere all our friends could stay over for a weekend long celebration!

When we visited The Log Cabin Ranch we instantly loved it and all its beautiful details, especially The Stables and the immaculate grounds"

"Our tip for couples knee deep in wedding planning...

..choose things that are meaningful and important to you, rather than what you think you 'should' have at a wedding.

Also to think about how your guests can be involved in the planning of your day - we absolutely loved the contributions from our friends".


The Wedding Dream Team

Venue: The Log Cabin Ranch

Photography: Pixie Rouge Photography

Glamping Tents: Happy Glamper

Hair & Makeup: Linea of the Yarra Valley

Teagan's Dress: Made With Love Bridal

Celebrant: Naomi Korolew

Food Truck: Lil Nom Nom's

Drinks: The Wandering Woodsman



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