Magic moments, perfect place. It's possible.

A few years ago...

...we almost lost our minds planning for the big day. Between bottles of wine, scrolling through Google, searching for our dream wedding venue in the Yarra Valley turned into a time-zapping quest.

The same big corporate style venues floated at the top of the search results, leaving us uninspired and bored. We knew the yarra valley was full of hidden delights, but they seemed just out of reach, and we had no idea how to locate them. We craved a sentimental spot that made us feel deeply connected to one another, one which would provide beautiful memories that we’d savour for years to come.

We needed an easier way to find and visit all of the wedding venues in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

Breath taking ceremony spot at Swallowfield Vineyard
because we know what it’s like to feel that time is running out

The hassle-free way to discover your dream wedding venue

That’s why we created Find My Perfect Venue, your one-stop shop for searching, short listing and touring wedding venues throughout Australia’s Yarra Valley.

And we aren’t selective when we use the word ‘venue’. We’ve developed relationships with all sorts of lovely partners – from boutique wineries, to elegant chapels, to rustic barns and private gardens. A wide variety of venues, but one mission: to help make your dream wedding come to life against a beautiful Yarra Valley backdrop.

Hey! I’m Camilla! A Yarra Valley local, sentimental pragmatist and all-round organisational nerd

My husband and I moved to the Yarra Valley five years ago and fell in love with its tight-knit community and stunning scenery. If only loved-up couples could easily find the places that had captured our hearts.
That’s why I wanted to start Find My Perfect Venue – to connect couples with the all of the secret treasures scattered throughout this picturesque backdrop.

“I believe that the Yarra Valley is a trove of unique, visually stunning, warm, friendly and unforgettable experiences that will help loved-up couples begin married life in a completely magical way.
From blank canvas farms, to all-inclusive elegant hotels, our considered yet comprehensive range of wedding venues offers up something for even the choosiest of couples.

Click here to find out a little more about the service we offer.

Camilla from Find My Perfect Venue

Image one: Supplied by Swallowfield Vineyard.

Image two: Matt Lawson Photography

Image three: Matt Lawson Photography